Bringing Construction Industry Under One Roof


MBAM OneBuild, the Construction Industry Exhibition and Conference, is a yearly affair in Malaysia that aims to bring construction industry players under one roof for all their construction needs. This highly anticipated event provides a welcoming platform for industry players in generating new relationships, exchange of ideas, learning latest innovations and make good business even better.

Throughout the years, MBAM OneBuild remains at the forefront of the industry through showcasing the innovative technology and cutting edge solutions, as well as connecting the industry pioneers, thought leaders and thousands of industry professional with each other.

The exhibition is further enhanced by the co-organised Conference which addresses the current issues in the industry, providing an invaluable platform for the communication between various industry stakeholders.

In conjunction with the 44th IFAWPCA Convention

The 44th IFAWPCA Convention hosted by Master Builders Association Malaysia (MBAM) is the highlight in the global construction market every year and it shall be held in conjunction with MBAM OneBuild this year. Being at the forefront of market developments, MBAM Onebuild would definitely be the premier platform where participating industry stakeholders can mutually benefit each other and capture abundant opportunities available at both local and international market.

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